🍄 Nocturnal Caravan: 🍄 🐍 GREEN WITH SINVY 🐍
🍄 Come join us as we welcome the 🍄 🐍 GREENEST SEASON! 🐍 The biggest and most inclusive show to hit the net is back to bring in another turn of the season! And this time it's GREEN WITH SINVY! ( Sin + Envy ) Amazing Aeffects is thrilled to present another festival of talents from ALL AROUND THE WORLD to include aerialists, fire acts, drag performers, musical acts, story tellers and MORE! Dig into the show each night for a weekend as Nocturnal Caravan plants seeds of art, oddities and beauty for your entertainment! MARCH 19 - 21 @ 9P CST $10 SUGGESTED TIP TO PAY CAST! ONLY ON TWITCH.TV/GOTHESSJASMINE 🍄🐍 GREEN WITH SINVY SET LIST! 🐍🍄 🍄🐍 NIGHT 1 MAR 19! 🐍🍄 Randuhm Alexis Vivienne Vagemite INSTAGRAM: @missvagemite Colleen Facebook: YouTube: Heather Rose INSTAGRAM - @Heather.rose.2920 Gothess Jasmine Melantha the Bionic Darkness INSTAGRAM: @melanthabionic FACEBOOK: Melantha's Dark Corner Freddye Dôllma Starr INSTAGRAM: @freddye_dollma_starr FB: /paris.n.starr TWITTER: @Freddye_D_Starr TWITCH: /Freddye_Dollma_Starr Sapphire Rose Facebook: Sapphire Rose Instagram: @sapphire_v_rose TikTok: @sapphirerose993 Youtube: Sapphire V Rose Balena Canto Facebook: @balenacanto Instagram: @matteosings 🍄🐍 NIGHT 2 MAR 20! 🐍🍄 DJ Jocote INSTAGRAM: @dj.jocote and @myxxfly SOUNDCLOUD: PODCAST: PATREON: Nicola Nyx Instagram: @nicolanyx Papi Churro / Jinxy Deviate IG & FB: @papichurroatx Twitch & TikTok: @papijinxy Gray / Gray Aria @xgray_ariax Dahlia Strack Insta: @dahlia_strack tiktok: @dahlia_strack Viktor Blackwood-Macabre/Vikki Sicc FB @vicktorblackwood666 IG viktorblackwoodmacbre Cimmeria Steel IG: cimmeria_steel Devin Alfather INSTAGRAM: @devindances FACEBOOK: Devin Alfather Sandro Martín de la Fuente Instagram: @sr_delafuente Mahogany Campbell Instagram Mz_Campbell_7913 Facebook Mahogany Campbell Sylas Crow Instagram - @sylas.crow.cardoza Violencia Exclamation Point Violencia ExclamationPoint @ViolenciaExclamationPoint Luc Ami , , , Gothess Jasmine 🍄🐍 NIGHT 3 MAR 21! 🐍🍄 Dj Neph Instagram: @djnephatx Nitrix Oxide Instagram: @nitrixoxidequeen ; TikTok @nitrixoxide ; Twitter: @nitrixoxide ; Youtube and Facebook: Nitrix Oxide Petty Nonsense @pettynonsense Mythica Eden Lost Instagram @edenlost Facebook Eden Lost Twitter @edenlost_ Paradox Rei IG: @paradoxrei Miss Taint Instagram & Twitter : @miss_taint Facebook : Brian Hernandez Vilaya NA Selena Blackwater Instagram: @blackwater_s Twitter: @SeleBlackwater Daddy Carrot Instagram @hesdaddycarrot Rainny Daze/ The Great Flying Cervix IG and TikTok: divinewitchrainny, Twitter: divinewitchrae, Budding LIVE only on 🍄🐍TWITCH.TV/GOTHESSJASMINE 🐍🍄 🍄🐍 MAR 19 - 21 @ 9p CST 🐍🍄 🐍 $10 SUGGESTED TO TIP TO PAY CAST 🐍
BEHOLD, you desolate lovers and estranged enchanters full of deeper desires! Are the romance and love narratives too fitting to a toxic patriarchal standard that make you sick? Same. 💔💀🩸🖤🩸💀💔 True sinister seduction starts with 3rd Annual Cruel Intentions Anti-Valentines Day Revue! The darkest and loveliest acts from all over the world have come to destroy and evolve your basic ideas of love! Play with fire, be enchanted by exotic bellydancers, enhralled by aerialists, and enticed with drag! Each performer is coming with the heat to express their own forms of nonconformist romance and sensuality! 💔💀🩸🖤🩸💀💔 Come question the standards of love. Is it love or are there 💔💀 CRUEL INTENTIONS 💀💔 FEBRUARY 13 @ 9p CST $10 SUGGESTED DONATION ONLY ON TWITCH.TV/GOTHESSJASMINE This show is intended for mature audiences only. 💔💀🩸🖤🩸💀💔 💔💀🩸 PERFORMERS 🩸💀💔 💔 Selena Blackwater 💀 Instagram: @blackwater_s Twitter: @SeleBlackwater 💔 Viktor Blackwood-Macabre 💀 @viktorblackwoodmacabre @viktorblackwood666 💔 Eden Lost 💀 IG: @edenlost FB: @temptrixovdarkness tiktok: @edenlost_ twitter: @edenlost_ reddit: @edenlost_ 💔 Louisianna Purchase 💀 Instagram: @Louisiannapurchase 💔 Hermajestie 💀 Instagram: @hermajestie_thehung 💔 Sylas Crow 💀 Instagram - @sylas.crow.cardoza 💔 Cimmeria Steel 💀 IG: @cimmeria_steel 💔 Devin Alfather 💀 INSTAGRAM: @devindances TIK TOK: @DevinAlfatherBellydance FACEBOOK: Devin Alfather 💔 SAILEM 💀 Instagram/tik tok/ Twitter/ @sailemfromhell 💔 Zahria Janel 💀 Instagram: @zahria_janel YouTube: Zahria Janel 💔 Mahogany Campbell 💀 💔💀🩸 MUSIC BY 🩸💀💔 💔 DJ Neph 💀 Instagram: @djnephatx 💔 PMS 💀 💔 MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED 💔
DEC 11 - 13 9P CST
🕷❄️ WINTER IS COMING ❄️🕷 The biggest, darkest and most inclusive show to hit the webs is back and we come bearing gifts of chilling performances and acts that will stoke the fires of the season's spirit!! Amazing Aeffects is thrilled to present a variety of talents from ALL AROUND THE WORLD to include aerialists, fire acts, drag performers, musical acts, story tellers and MORE! All of them bringing back that dark, sinister edge to these holidays. No matter the language, belief or practice, we are a part of a species who used to freeze to death during this season. Be grateful we've evolved but NEVER forget: 🕷❄️ WINTER IS COMING ❄️🕷 DECEMBER 11-13 | 9p CST FREE TO VIEW! TIPS APPRECIATED! ONLY ON TWITCH.TV/GOTHESSJASMINE 🕷❄️🕸 PERFORMERS : 🕸❄️🕷 🕷 Selena Blackwater ❄️ Instagram: @blackwater_s ❄️ Twitter: @SeleBlackwater 🕷 Alexis ❄️ 🕷 Colleen ❄️ FACEBOOK: Bellydance 4 Everyone ❄️ INSTAGRAM: pannellcolleen ❄️ YOUTUBE: Bellydance 4 Everyone 🕷 Post Modern Sleaze ❄️ ❄️ instagram: @postmodernsleazeofficial 🕷 Serendipity Love ❄️ IG @serendipitylov3 ❄️ FB: ❄️ Website: 🕷 Jayy (DéGöté) Dvil ❄️ Ig @degotedvil 🕷 Ebon Blackness ❄️ Instagram: @salydia_menad ❄️ Tik tok: @salydia_menad ❄️ Facebook:SaLydia Menad 🕷 Devin Alfather ❄️ INSTAGRAM: @Devindances ❄️ FACEBOOK: @Devin Alfather 🕷 Sapphire V Rose ❄️ Facebook: Sapphire Rose ❄️ Instagram: @sapphire_v_rose ❄️ Tik Tok: @sapphirerose993 ❄️ Youtube: Sapphire V Rose" "My 🕷 Blackberri ❄️ INSTAGRAM: @THEBLACKBERRI 🕷 Eden Lost ❄️ Instagram: @edenlost ❄️ Facebook: @temptrixovdarkness ❄️ twitter: @edenlost_ 🕷 Leigh Ann Moya ❄️ Instagram - @Leigh_Ann337 ❄️ Facebook - @Leigh Ann Moya Belly Dancer" 🕷 Mythica Tribal Bellydance ❄️Facebook: Mythica Tribal Bellydance 🕷 Dymon ❄️ Facebook 🕷 Papi Churro ❄️ Facebook: @papichurroatx ❄️ Instagram: @papichurroatx ❄️ Twitter: @jinxedaposed ❄️ TikTok: @papijinxy ❄️ 🕷 NOLA Creative ❄️ INSTAGRAM: @nolacreative ❄️ FACEBOOK: @nolacreative ❄️ TikTok: @nolacreative ❄️ YouTube: @nolacreative 🕷 Shanita Bump ❄️ Instagram @shanitabump ❄️ Twitter @uneedashanita ❄️ Tiktok @shanitabump ❄️ Fb / shanitabump 🕷 Viktor Blackwood-Macabre ❄️ Viktor Blackwood-Macabre on Facebook and IG 🕷 Zahria Janel ❄️ Instagram: @zahria_janel ❄️ Facebook: Zahria Janel ❄️ YouTube: Zahria Janel 🕷 Chris Griandher ❄️ INSTAGRAM: @c_griandher ❄️ FACEBOOK: Chris Griandher ❄️ TWITTER: c_griandher 🕷 Drago Nesa ❄️ INSTAGRAM: @Drago.Nesa 🕷 DJ Neph ❄️ Instagram @Djnephatx 🕷 Mahogany Campbell ❄️ Instagram Mz_Campbell_7913 🕷 Superman ❄️ @kmfm 🕷 Glenn Coco ❄️ Instagram: @glenn.coco.official 🕷 Louisianna Purchase ❄️ Instagram: @Louisiannapurchase 🕷 SAILEM ❄️ Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter: @sailemfromhell 🕷 Lucius blac ❄️ l_uciusblac (insta) 🕷 Jamee Cornelia ❄️ @jameecormelia 🕷❄️ VENDORS ❄️🕷 🕷 Melantha's Dark Corner ❄️ FB: melanthasdarkcorner ❄️ INSTAGRAM: melanthabionic 🕷 Do Right Bros ❄️ Facebook: @dorightbro ❄️ Instagram: @Trance6261 🕷 Amazing Aeffects ❄️ ❄️ @AmazingAeffects Thank you! 🕷❄️🖤👁🖤❄️🕷
🕷🍁 NOCTURNAL CARAVAN : VIRTUAL HALLOWEEN SHOW 🍁🕷 Amazing Aeffects is proud to bring Halloween to the web with one of the BIGGEST and most inclusive line ups ever seen!! We will have aerialists, drag performers, musical acts Bellydance, fire acts and even story tellers from all over the world showcase their talent in a collective celebration of Halloween!!! Especially since Halloween is essentially cancelled for so many people this year! Soo without regret, we organize and present a haunted parade, a CARAVAN if you will, of the most Amazing talents to curse the webs! Bringing you an episode a day for the last 7 days of October, our intent is to provide an amazing and inclusive marathon of talent to help restore Halloween and artistic spirit! Find the show for FREE on TWITCH! Each performer and artist works hard and diligently to create content! And sharing their expression is an amazingly courageous and vulnerable thing to do, so PLEASE TIP IF YOU CAN! SHARE IF YOU CAN! SPREAD THE LOVE! AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (All our stories will be interpreted in ASL for our hearing impaired or deaf viewers! And all spoken parts will be transcribed to the best of our ability!) 🕷🍁 PERFORMERS 🍁🕷 🕷BLACKBERRi 🍁Instagram: @theblackberri Venmo & CashApp: theblackberri 🕷CIMMERIA STEELE 🍁Instagram: @cimmeria_steel 🕷SIN AND SERAPHIM 🍁FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: 🕷VILAYA 🍁 Musical Being no social media 🍁 🕷ANDY BLACK 🍁 INSTAGRAM: @theeandyblack TIKTOK: @thee_andy_black 🕷PUP ATLAS ATXXX 🍁Facebook : 🕷VIVIENNE VERMUTH 🍁Instagram @vforvermuth 🕷ALEXIS 🍁 🕷SERENDIPITY LOVE 🍁IG: @serendipity love, FB: Website: 🕷COLLEEN PANNELL 🍁Facebook @ Bellydance 4 Everyone 🕷LISA LA MAR 🍁Facebook: 🕷CYNDI CYREIGNA ELLIOTT 🍁Instagram - @Irietribaldancecompany 🕷LULU DEADLY 🍁Instagram: @luludeadly TikTok: @luludeadly 🕷THE BOTTOMLESS 🍁 🕷 BLAIR LOGAN 🍁Instagram: @blairdancerbee, Facebook:, Twitter: @Blairdancerbee 🕷THE BLUR EFFECT 🍁Twitter: @_BLUREFFECT Instagram: @_blureffect Facebook: @THEBLUREFFECT Website: 🕷IDAHLIA SUN 🍁INSTAGRAM : @iddythemyriad 🕷FENIX MOON 🍁Instagram: @fenixthemyriad Facebook: Fenix Moon 🕷TIFF L 🍁Instagram: mervamp.pole 🕷THE QUEEN FANTASTIA WOOD 🍁Insta: @thequeenfantasiawood Facebook: The Queen Fantasia Wood Tiktok: TheQueenFantasia 🕷DEVIN ALFATHER 🍁INSTAGRAM: @devindances FACEBOOK: @devinalfather TIKTOK: @Devinalfatherbellydance YOUTUBE: @Devin Alfather 🕷SHAM PAYNE 🍁Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tiktok: @Shampayne8 🕷CARLA X 🍁Instagram/ Tiktok/ Facebook/ YouTube @carlaxofficial 🕷NOVA VALENTINA 🍁IG: Kawaiikitty_Novaluna 🕷GREYSON VON TRAPP 🍁IG: @greyson.vontrapp 🕷SAGE & STEAM 🍁 🕷JAYY D'VIL 🍁Facebook : Jayy D'Vil Instagram: Jayy_Dvil Twitter: @JayyDvilXXX 🕷SAPPHIRE ROSE 🍁INSTAGRAM: @sapphire_v_rose FACEBOOK: Sapphire Rose Tiktok: sapphirerose993 🕷MELANTHA THE BIONIC DARKNESS 🍁Instagram: @melathabionic 🕷JACK RABID 🍁INSTAGRAM: @sockmonkey613 FACEBOOK: TWITCH: 🕷JAMEE CORNELIA 🍁IG: @jameecornelia 🕷KIMBERLY LARKSPUR & ARIEL CELESTE OF DAUNTLESS DANCE CO 🍁FB: /dauntlessdancecompany IG: @dauntlessdancecompany Youtube: /kimberlylarkspur Tiktok @kimberlylarkspur 🕷SELENA BLACKWATER 🍁Instagram: @blackwater_s Twitter: @SeleBlackwater 🕷PELE 🍁Instagram: @flowing_fa3 🕷MYTHICA TRIBAL BELLYDANCE 🍁Facebook: Mythica Belly Dance 🕷CAPTAIN ERIC BURTON 🍁, Instagram @captainburtonsfuntimesideshow 🕷LOLA MONROE 🍁Ig @lolamzbunny 🕷 SAUL RAVENCRAFT 🍁 Facebook: @S.Ravencraft 🕷SIGN INTERPRETATION BY CELESTE 🍁INSTAGRAM @celestialcelebrationsart FACEBOOK Celestial Celebrations 🕷🍁 VENDORS 🍁🕷 🕷Re•Make•Believe 🍁 Instagram: @Remakebelieve 🕷Spicy guava shop 🍁 Instagram: spicy_guava_shop Facebook: spicy guava shop 🕷Moon Dang 🍁@moondangatx 🕷Saul Ravencraft 🍁@saulravencraft 🕷JP & DM Creations 🍁 INSTAGRAM: @JPandDM 🕷Do Right Brothers Inc. 🍁 Facebook @dorightbros Instagram @trance6261 🕷Ancient mystic body shop 🍁 INSTAGRAM: @ancient_mystic_bodyart FACEBOOK: @ancientmysticbodyshop 🕷Bloody Rose Boutique 🍁 Instagram: @bloodyroseboutique Twitter: @bloodyrosebtq Facebook: Tips | Donations | Shares and Love are Suggested! DRESS UP, PREPARE THE SNACKS AND GOODIES AND SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS AND SUPPORT HALLOWEEN!! If you are interested in becoming a storyteller please email directly! 🕷🍁 MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! 🍁🕷 You can find more information about the show by subscribing!:
🕷 ANNOUNCEMENT! 🕷 Founder and CEO of AMAZING AEFFECTS, this Goth Goddess is an award-winning artist specializing in make up, body paint, temporary tattoos, costumes, talent scouting and event planning! Prolific in the Dark Arts, Jasmine will be hosting the Nocturnal Caravan on their channel. FIND MORE: Stay Tuned for more performers, vendors and updates!!!
🕷PERFORMER ANNOUNCEMENT🕷 Join USSSS The NOCTURNAL CARAVAN for a HALLOWEEN performance by BLACKBERRi! The Blacker the Berry the sweeter the juice! Known in Houston as the Bearded Beauty of Texas, Blackberri can be found around the city of Houston hosting shows almost every night of the week. Winner of Outsmart Magazine's "Favorite Host/Emcee" two years in a row and About Magazine's "Drag Illusionist of the Year". Come celebrate and watch a performance in the name of Halloween! FOLLOW AND SUPPORT THIS GHOUL! Instagram: @theblackberri Venmo& cashapp: theblackberri MORE INFO IN EVENT DESCRIPTION!
🕷 PERFORMER ANNOUNCEMENT!🕷 Prepare to be enchanted and ushered to a dark and magical realm with a musical performance by the amazing Sin + Seraphim! Sin + Seraphim is a delicious and dark excursion into haunting ritual, sultry secrets, and enigmatic stage theatrics. From soaring operatics mixed with danceable electronic beats to the more primal sounds of drums and crooning vocals, their live performances include fire, lights, and projection. Sin + Seraphim is a full immersion into the darker aspects of ourselves. They have been compared to Dead Can Dance, Nitin Sawhney, Natasha Atlas, Vas, Cocteau Twins, 4AD, Projeckt, Banco de Gaia, Future Sound of London, Loreena McKennitt, and Delerium. Zeph Rexx and Zoe Sol (formerly the originators of London Below and Tragic Tantrum) are seasoned performers who have shared the stage with artists such as Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls, The Grand Theft Orchestra,) Neon Trees, David J. (of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets,) Voltaire, Nitzer Ebb, and Abney Park. They’ve played a variety of venues including The North Park Theatre Opera House, House of Blues, The Casbah, Brick by Brick, The Key Club and Bar Sinister. SUPPORT THESE SIRENS!!: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: